I support Marriage Equality – and you can too…

Today I wrote to my MP, Wayne Swan, to ask him to help in the campaign for Marriage Equality in Australia.  If you believe that consenting adults have the right to marry, then please check out the Equality Campaign website http://www.equalitycampaign.org.au/ and consider writing to your MP.

Dear Mr Swan MP,

As a local resident within your electorate, I wish to show my support for marriage equality in Australia.

I have many reasons why I believe in marriage equality

  • It’s simply unfair not to be able to offer marriage as an option to consenting adults, including the benefits both legally and personally that come from being married
  • I have many gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender friends and acquaintances who feel discriminated in our society enough without omitting their access to a basic human right
  • Finally (and this is the most important reason) I am a human being who believes that discrimination based on sexuality and/or gender identification is wrong in a civilized society.

It is time for change. The Marriage Act stipulates that marriage is between a man and a woman; this is outdated. We have numerous examples around the world where marriage equality has been introduced and, to my knowledge, not one single person has been struck by lightening as a result. In fact, I can’t even think of a good reason why anyone would be against it – I mean, surely this is just plain, simple, basic common sense?

I, as one voter, have little influence on the Government. But you, as a man of political connections, have the potential to help stop what is fundamentally discrimination. Please use this influence wisely.


Roxy Hotten


5 thoughts on “I support Marriage Equality – and you can too…

  1. Great post! So much truth…. we must keep fighting for equality by speaking out. Thank you for sharing. Please check out my posts:
    It’s not a choice…
    Call me a F***** lover
    on my site aladyhoodjourney.wordpress.com i would love your feedback

  2. Marriage has always be equally available for everyone to use within it’s legal provisions and restrictions….it’s just that homosexuals don’t like the provisions and restrictions (ie. in particular, they don’t like the restriction that marriage is “solely between a man and a woman”) and so they want to remove this restriction and add the provisions to include “same sex” couples. This is not anything to do with “equality” because the Marriage Laws have always applied equally to everyone. Same sex marriage is rather redefining marriage to include same sex couples. If you look at “marriage equality” in the way that you are saying it, then the word “marriage” should be allowed equally to any person/people who are “in love” with anyone/anything – in other words, your “marriage equality” should remove ALL provisions and ALL restrictions to marriage otherwise the pro-SSM people themrselves are being unequal in not allowing other people to marry their way because they are “in love” (more accurately, “in lust”).. Of course, this is not what marriage means because through-out history, marriage has always been about biological parenthood. The fact that homosexuals need to say “same sex marriage” or “marriage equality” to describe homosexuals getting married instead of just using the word “marriage” by itself proves this point – people don’t assume that homosexuals are included in “marriage” and so they have to add words “same sex” or “equality” to include homosexuals.. Adding extra words to “marriage” also adds extra implications like children being raised without a father or a mother (ie. another “stolen generation”?), sexualised grooming of our young people and extra costs on society to tackle health issues specifically related to homosexuality. Same sex couples weren’t included in the definition of marriage (applied equally to everyone) because no one (including homosexuals) assumed marriage was meant to be anything other than heterosexual. It wasn’t until very recently with the push to make homosexuality acceptable that suddenly homosexuals wanted to be “married”. There is no “marriage equality” in doing so (because marriage has ALWAYS been applied equally to everyone), nor is it a “basic right” because homosexuals cannot do heterosexual marriage – their biology won’t let them. Hence, allowing homosexuals to “marry” is simply a nice sounding way to make homosexuality look acceptable and the word “marriage” becomes a meaningless word that departs from the millennia-old concept of parenthood into a completely new concept of self-gratifying love/lust/sexual attraction…..never before in the history of mankind has the word “marriage” been used this way.

    The “marriage equality” being pushed by the same sex marriage proponents denies other people the right to marry who “love” their family members, or under age children, or non-human animals/things/robots, or even people who “love” themselves and want to express this by “marrying” themselves – the homosexual lobbyists refuse all these people so-called “marriage equality”. The “marriage equality” they preach is solely an emotive propaganda slogan and nothing more. Even their “love is love” slogan is more accurately “lust is lust”.

    1. I disagree with pretty much everything you say. You makes some very unusual suggestions and show, in my opinion, a real disregard for my fellow LGBTI+ community, many whom are mothers and fathers (I don’t get your ‘stolen generation’ analogy at all) and doing a damn fine job of it. Your point about people being able to marry who they love (non-humans, children etc) is just plain silly. The suggestion is ‘marriage between two consenting adults’ and suggesting that a change would result in people being allowed to marry an under-age child is preposterous. Please do not taint the LGBTI+ community by placing them in the same category as paedophiles.

      I believe in equality and human rights, and it saddens me to read such an poorly argued opinion. So, with respect, I approved your comment so it shows on my page, and reminds me why this campaign needs to continue.

      Peace, mister.

    2. Take your pills because you need them. Your post contradicts itself and the last paragraph makes me wonder are you a pedophile? Are you wanting to marry your daughter?

      Being homosexual is how people can be born. It’s not a choice or lifestyle and not damaging to society. I understand what you’re trying to say, it’s unfortunate that you don’t seem to understand that love between consenting adults is normal and healthy. That includes same sexes. The rest of the ‘relationships’ you mention are not normal, safe and only perpetuated by one person wanting sex as the child/person/animal/thing cannot give consent or reject that persons advances. GO HAVE A GOOD LOOK AT YOURSELF, YOU JUST COMPAIRED CONSENTING LOVE TO RAPE! YOU BASTARD

  3. I cannot believe that we are still having this conversation in 2017. Mr Aitchison, let me make a few points here.

    1. Marriage is not available to everyone, quite obviously so since very close friends of mine are still not allowed due to their gender. Why do you think you or any other person has the right to make this decision for people? If it were available for everyone the campaign would be non-existent. Marriage -is- however unavailable in circumstances as such: to an underage person, for what I think are quite bloody obvious reasons, family members – because there are incest laws which would be broken if say a man and his mother decided to marry – there are no laws regarding people being in same sex relationships.

    2. Marriage does not need to be redefined as you put it, what LGBTI+ communities want is for it to apply to them in the same way it does to everyone in a heterosexual relationship. Definition of marriage (the WORD): the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship (historically and in some jurisdictions specifically a union between a man and a woman). Historically, yes marriage was a union between a man and a woman, but historically it was also the case that slavery was legal. MOVE ON. And if you’re worried about how it would affect your access or happiness in marriage – don’t marry a gay person.

    3. How dare you compare the adoption of children by same sex couples to the stolen generation? Do you actually know what you are talking about or is it just a phrase you like to throw around with your ignorance? Same sex couples who adopt children whether they be males or females make the choice to have a child and commit to loving that child for the rest of their lives. What are you worried about? Tell you what, if you’re that concerned how about you either start campaigning against the amount of children that end up in care every single year or take those kids on for yourself – because you want to bring them up in the ‘right’ way, right? Fool.

    4. Cost of health issues specifically related to homosexuality? I for one cannot think of one single disease or medical condition an LGBT+ person can contract that a heterosexual person cannot. If you are speaking in terms of mental health issues amongst the LGBT+ community, I would firstly suggest that perhaps you may be the one with the problem, and I would secondly suggest that if people like you bothered to educate themselves about your fellow human beings you would see that it is people like you and your ignorance that exacerbate these issues, and therefore your best bet, if you want these ‘costs’ to go down, is to reflect on your attitude or get some damn help for yourself.

    5. The word marriage is as meaningful or as meaningless as the individual wants it to be. People get divorced every single day, some through incredible heartache and some through not wanting to put in the effort that comes with it sometimes, and some because they just wanted a big party to be the centre of attention before shacking up with someone else. Who are you to say what marriage would mean to a same sex couple?

    6. “Nor is it a “basic right” because homosexuals cannot do heterosexual marriage – their biology won’t let them.” – Dude, I got married 3 months ago and I can assure you that the only part of my biology that mattered on the day was the fact my feet bloody hurt from the shoes. So, unless you have something wrong with your throat or mouth that prevents you from saying the vows or all your fingers are broken and therefore can’t sign anything, I think biologically, you’re good to go.

    7. I’m pretty sure I read something somewhere about some woman who married her damn cat.

    Last but not least, if you are married, take yourself back to before that happened and ask yourself – ‘Would I want the rest of the world having a say in this?’ if the answer is no, well, enough said.

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