Meet Roxy

Roxy Hotten Celebrant

I’m Roxy, a dog-loving, wine-sipping authorised marriage celebrant based in Brisbane. I travel and deliver wedding ceremonies in south-east Queensland, northern New South Wales and beyond.

What’s My Celebrant Vibe?

I’ve been trying hard to think of a way to encapsulate my celebrant vibe which is a bit more sexy than ‘authentic’, but as hard as I try, ‘authentic’ nails it.

There’s so little we have to do in a wedding ceremony. The legal wording is less than a hundred words, so this is only a small component of your day. This allows loads of room to get creative in developing something which results in a ceremony that is engaging, fun, genuine, and totally you.

I believe that everything in a ceremony should have a purpose, a meaning, a realness.  That’s why I work closely with couples in planning their ceremony.  If we get that authenticity right, the ceremony will be a highlight – rather than something to be endured to get to the fun bit – of the day. If you’d like to see one of my ceremonies in action, feel free to check out my IGTV channel.

There’s a number of careers which have helped shape me into the celebrant I am today. These include music journalist (check out my blog for a flavour of my writing) and Project Manager (yep, I’m super organised).

How Your Ceremony Will Feel

My celebrant delivery style is warm and inclusive, and hopefully you and your guests will feel the warm and fuzzies. I write and conduct ceremonies which have a healthy dose of humour and a laid-back feel. The result is a ceremony which feels genuine, relaxed and engaging.

I love a microphone and can talk in public without getting the collywobbles. I’m a calming and organised presence, there to support you and facilitate your perfect ceremony. And I promise… your ceremony will never be boring.

A Bit About Me (And My Dog!)

I’m an ex-Londoner, living in Brisbane, marriage celebranting it up big time whilst living with my dog, Valentine McFarty (pictured – isn’t he handsome?). Oh, and my husband Danny Brown (who, although not pictured, is also very handsome).

I started as a celebrant in 2011, and have conducted over 400 weddings. In all that time, I can honestly say that no two have ever been the same.

I love design, dogs, bicycles, gardening, and snuffling for vintage treasures, so I love a good op-shop. I also enjoy hanging out with friends, sharing a bottle of wine, a bit of banter and some great food.

Based in Brisbane – Will Celebrant Anywhere

As a Celebrant based in Brisbane, you’d probably assume most of my ceremonies are here in the city, right?

Nope. Approximately 80% of my weddings are outside of Brisbane. This suits me perfectly as I am someone who loves to travel, and as a podcast addict I can tick this off my list whilst travelling.

Let’s Chat!

If you’d like to see if I’m the right Celebrant for you, let’s chat. Give me a ring or text on 0478041227 or you can email me at If you like, we can arrange to meet for a no-obligation coffee or a wine here in Brisbane. Or, if you prefer we can Zoom. Either way, it’ll give us a chance to get to know each other before you decide if you’d like to book me.

Photo: Bird and Boy, Light Pictures, Wildflower Weddings

I wish to pay my respects to the Traditional Owners and keepers of the land upon which I live and and work. I acknowledge all elders, past present and future.