Intro to Roxy

Brisbane Celebrant

Hi, I’m Roxy, a dog-loving, wine-sipping qualified marriage celebrant based in Brisbane. I’m always travelling and deliver wedding ceremonies from Noosa, Toowomba, Byron Bay and beyond.

Every ceremony I do is different. Whether you want a celebrant for a legals only or to help you create the ceremony of your dreams, I am keen to work with you to make this happen.

What Kind Of Celebrant Am I?

  • Unstuffy, warm, caring and friendly with an open-mind and a big smile.
  • Specialises in ceremonies which are fun, laid-back and engaging – with a touch of the lovey-dovey stuff to make it feel just a bit romantic in all the right places.
  • Uses inclusive language to ensure you and your guests feel engaged and involved.
  • Experienced as a celebrant since 2011, with over 400 ceremonies under my belt. However, no two are ever the same – that’d be pretty boring for me, plus everyone is different and deserves a unique ceremony.
  • There’s a number of careers which have helped shape me into the celebrant I am today. These include music journalist (check out my blog for a flavour of my writing) and Project Manager (yep, this means I’m super organised).

How Your Ceremony Will Feel

My delivery style is warm and inclusive. I write and conduct ceremonies which have a healthy dash of humour and a laid-back feel. The result is a ceremony which feels genuine, relaxed and engaging.

I love a microphone and can talk in public without getting the collywobbles. As well as this, I’m a calming and organised presence, there to support you and facilitate your perfect ceremony. And I promise… your ceremony will never be boring.

A Bit About Me (And My Dog!)

I’m an ex-Londoner, living in Brisbane, marriage celebranting it up big time whilst living with my dog, Valentine McFarty (pictured – isn’t he handsome?). Oh, and my husband Mr HB (not pictured, but also very handsome).

When I’m not doing my celebrant thang, you can find me trying not to kill things in my garden or shopping for vintage and second-hand delights. I also enjoy a hot sweaty night seeing live music, evenings in or out socialising with my friends, and a quiet night in watching crime shows whilst cuddling my big brindle baby.

Based in Brisbane – Will Celebrant Anywhere

As a Celebrant based in Brisbane, you’d probably assume most of my ceremonies are here in the city, right?

Nope. Approximately 80% of my weddings are outside of Brisbane. As someone who loves to travel (and listen to podcasts whilst I do so) I’m happy to get in my car, a plane, a boat, a train, or any other mode of transport to deliver your wedding.

Let’s Chat!

Brisbane Celebrant

If you’d like to see if I’m the right Celebrant for you, let’s chat. Give me a ring or text on 0478041227 or you can email me at If you like, we can arrange to meet for a no-obligation coffee or a wine here in Brisbane. Or, if you prefer we can Skype. Either way, it’ll give us a chance to get to know each other before you decide if you’d like to book me.

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