Roxy Hotten Celebrant Mentor
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Being a celebrant is the Best Job in the World (BJW). I love it. Like, really, really, reeeeeeally love it. This love shines through in my socials and with anyone I meet. Consequently I have worked with a number of celebrants who have asked me to mentor them to help them accelerate their celebrant career.

Since starting the BJW in 2011, I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve learnt how to do things smarter, better, and different. I’ve made some mistakes, and I’ve learnt alternative ways to do things as a result.

Why Do I Mentor?

  • I believe in mentoring. Prior to being a full time celebrant, I worked in not-for-profits, and participated in various schemes where I’ve been a mentee, and experienced the power of working with a great mentor. I know how it benefited my career and how a good mentoring match can accelerate and focus your career.
  • I’m non-judgemental. There’s no such thing as a silly question, and together we’ll find your celebrant groove. I’ll be rootin’ for you in the hope that you’ll end up as happy in your career as I have been with mine.
  • I’ve been running my own business for nearly a decade. I’ve won numerous accolades, appears in a number of publications online and in print, and was named ABIA Runner Up QLD Celebrant 2020, Top Ten Celebrant in Brisbane (Courier Mail) and Top 15 Celebrant Australia (Hello May Magazine).
  • I am studying to gain an updated Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, a qualification I previously held, with the plan to teach Certificate IV in Celebrancy in the near future.

What Happens In A Mentoring Session

Firstly, we have a chat about what it is you would like to concentrate on. It might be that you want some general advice, and one session is all you need. Alternatively, it might be more of a business coaching type arrangement where we set goals and challenges and meet on a more frequent basis.

We agree how often you’d like to meet, and do so in an environment which works best according to our agreed focus. For example, if you would like to see my administration processes, a session would be better suited at my office. If you would like to have a chat about script writing, a cafe may suffice. Or, if you wish to set up your own Client Management System (17 Hats, Studio Ninja ) or learn how to use the Births, Deaths and Marriage On-Line Portal, this might be better to do at your office.

Areas of Expertise

Ceremony Support
  • How to write an introduction
  • Best way to extract information from couples about their story
  • Critique of draft ceremonies
  • What legal elements need to occur where
  • What can and can’t you do in a ceremony
  • How long should a ceremony be
  • Ceremony logistics and stage-management of key players
  • What to do on the day of the ceremony
  • PA Systems – what you should you use, and how these work
  • What happens when something goes wrong – plan b’s, c’s and d’s
  • Kindle, iPad, or good old-fashion folders – what to use to read your script
  • Master of Ceremonies – what’s included, and how to do it properly
Celebrant Administration
  • Process of working with a couple from first contact through to registration of marriage – and beyond!
  • Navigating the Birth, Deaths and Marriages portal including uploading documents
  • Using a Client Management System such as Studio Ninja (my personal preference) or 17Hats
  • Apps to help your business
  • Processing of paperwork
  • How to keep your business finances on track
Advertising and Marketing
  • How to find your perfect couples
  • Where to advertise and market yourself
  • How to get your first ‘gig’
  • Social media – how to find content when you’ve not done any/many ceremonies
  • Website design and content
Anything else

Most importantly, your session is about you. Therefore we can discuss whatever you need to know, and I will structure a session so you can gain the maximum you need out of within the time-frame allotted.

Lovely Words From Celebrant Friends

Jen King Celebrant

I have been lucky enough to have Roxy mentor me as I begin the rewarding and exciting marriage celebrant adventure. Talk about striking it lucky! Roxy is brilliant. Not only is she extremely experienced and a multi-award-winning celebrant, she is so friendly, open, encouraging and supportive. I am really learning a lot from the guidance she is giving me about ‘real world’ celebrancy (as opposed to in the classroom). Where to stand? Ask Roxy. What about music? Ask Roxy. Question about the paperwork? Roxy knows the answers. Feeling a lack of confidence? Tell Roxy. I am also getting some very cool tips about my website and my socials and how to make them sing (like a bird).

Thanks so much Roxy. One day I hope I will be as fabulous as you but in the meantime, I’m very happy your shadow is falling upon me!

Jen – Paper Daisy Ceremonies

Photo by Jess Hinchliffe

Roxy Hotten Celebrant review by Jacky Walker celebrant

Being a new Celebrant can feel a little daunting at times so I decided to meet with an experienced Celebrant to help put my mind at ease and scare away some of those little jitters. 

Roxy!   Thank you so much for openly sharing your practical knowledge and guiding me along the way in my new little venture of being a Celebrant.  I am loving the opportunity of being able to sit and chat with you in an informal environment and bombard you with questions!  You have all the answers and as you talk to me, as an equal, my confidence is building very quickly.

Even the first time I met you, your warmth and kindness stood out.

I truly appreciate your offer of continued support and yes, you will be hearing from me again. 

Jacky – Jacky Walker Marriage Celebrant
Roxy Hotten Celebrant Review by Row

As a new Celebrant, having an opportunity to sit down and chat with an experienced, established Celebrant is absolutely priceless in terms of value. It was wonderful to be able to have a nice, informal, friendly meeting during which I was able to ask any (and all) questions I had about practical aspects of conducting a celebrant business, client liaison, ceremony writing and more. Roxy was warm, open and honest with me which was much appreciated, and I came away from the meeting feeling a lot more confident in stepping forward into my business.

Row – Celebrant Chic Brisbane
Roxy Hotten Celebrant Mentor review by Marry Me Zoe

I reached out to the beautiful Roxy because it had been a long time between MC gigs and I needed a little reassurance, a little love and a whole lotta questions answered! There was something about Roxy (maybe it’s that ridiculously open heart and joyous smile of hers) that made me think she was gonna be the one to make me believe in myself and give me a little nudge to go for it.

Well, let me tell ya. She did not disappoint. She answered all my questions with patience and grace, gave me the little tips that I hadn’t even thought to ask, and shared her knowledge with me so generously and without judgement. Safe to say, her advice was brilliant and it helped me pull off my MC gig with flying colours.

To any newbie celebrants/MCs out there needing some mentoring, just go to Roxy. You’ll get what you need as you bask in her loveliness. She’s one of a kind, and the best kind of human. She’s rockin’ Roxy!

Zoe – Marry Me Zoe

Photo by Euphoria Films

Roxy Hotten Celebrant Mentor review by Tina Maree

The first time I met Roxy I was a newly-registered celebrant, trying to find my feet and feeling so anxious and alone, and she was just so warm and friendly from the moment I said hello!

I felt so at ease that I could ask her anything without feeling silly, and Roxy was so helpful – sharing tips, ideas, networks and giving me a sense of community and friendship in a scary new world.

Thank you so much Roxy, for accelerating my business and my confidence!

Tina Maree – Married by Tina Maree

Photo by Wildflower Weddings

Roxy Hotten Celebrant Review by Eve Secret Agent Productions

I would highly recommend Roxy to any new celebrant who is seeking advice.  When I first became a celebrant, and even now from time to time, I have turned to Roxy because she has such a great depth of knowledge, is super supportive, and genuinely just an all-round great person. 

Her involvement in weddings over many years and also in several countries has given her that valuable experience, which I believe most new celebrants desire to feel confident.  I certainly did, and am grateful to have someone like Roxy to turn to.

Don’t hesitate, you won’t regret it.

Eve – Secret Agent Productions
Roxy Hotten Celebrant review by Brigitte Stanton Mentor

I met Roxy face to face for a mentoring session.  

Roxy provided me with really valuable and practical information and answered all my questions.  She is so easy to chat with and I would recommend Roxy as a mentor to all marriage celebrants, new and more experienced alike.  

Thank you, Roxy! I really enjoyed our meeting and appreciate all the information and tips you shared with me.

Brigitte – Brigitte Stanton Celebrant

Mentoring Fees

Mentoring sessions are specifically tailored for you. I am super flexible and want you to get the most out of your session. Generally speaking, mentoring sessions are done one-on-one, either at a coffee shop, via Zoom or Facetime, at my home or your home if within 20kms of Brisbane CBD. Sessions are completely driven by what you want to get out of it. If you’re unsure how long it may take to conduct one session, please email me for a quote.

COST: $50 per half hour.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this whatsoever.