Filling in a Notice of Intended Marriage

Want to get married in Australia? You need a NOIM!

If you want to get married in Australia you need to fill in and lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM). All couples marrying need to lodge this form with their celebrant at least one month and up to 18 months before their wedding date. You can find this document here

If you want to know who can marry in Australia, read this or feel free to contact me.

Although the Notice of Intended Marriage is a fairly short form, it’s an easy one to make mistakes. I can help you with filling in the form, or if you’re filling out at home, the below may help you avoiding any mistakes.

Please note, you can marry under certain circumstances with less than one month’s notice. This is called a Shortening of Time. You can read about this here.

General Points

  • There are guidance notes on page 1 and 2. Page 3 and 4 are the actual form itself, and you only need to lodge these two pages with your celebrant.
  • It’s important to write neatly and, if possible, use capital letters.  Or, if your writing is a bit tricky to read, you can enter the information onto the form electronically
  • If you make a mistake, don’t use white-out.  Instead, you can cross out the mistake, then write the correct information next to it
  • Do not sign the Notice of Intended Marriage until you are in front of your witness. If you’re not using your celebrant as your witness, make sure the person you choose is eligible to witness the document.  The only eligible witnesses in Australia are:
    • Authorised celebrant
    • A Commissioner for Declarations
    • A Justice of the Peace
    • A barrister or solicitor
    • A legally qualified medical practitioner
    • A member of the Australian Federal Police or police force of State/Territory

Mistakes Made on Specific Questions

Question 3: Usual Occupation

Sometimes people will write ‘administration’ or ‘army’.  Think of the following: how would you answer the question ‘What do you do for a living?’. You wouldn’t answer ‘I am an administration’ or ‘I am an army’.  Therefore you need to write ‘administration officer’ or ‘soldier’.

Question 5: Conjugal Status

If you’ve never been married before, then you need to write the words ‘never validly married’ (not ‘never married’)

Question 10: Mother’s Maiden Name

Occasionally this question is misunderstood. Some couples respond with only their mother’s last name before any marriages, eg: ‘Smith’. However, your celebrant will need you to provide your mother’s first, middle and last name at birth., eg: ‘Margaret Mary Smith’.

Completed NOIM? What Now?

If you’ve filled out the NOIM, and you’ve had it signed by a valid witness, then you can scan it and send to your celebrant. If you’re seeing them in person, you can hand it to them.

Other documentation your celebrant will need to see is:

  • evidence of your date and place of birth (birth certificate or passport)
  • identity (driver’s licence or passport)
  • proof that a previous marriage has ended

Need More Info?

If you have any specific questions about any of the other elements of you Notice of Intended Marriage, please don’t hesitate to ask me at or on 0478 041 227.  Always happy to help.

Roxy Hotten Celebrant