Shortening Of Time – Say What?

What is a Shortening of Time?

In order to marry in Australia, you will need to lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage with your celebrant at least one month before your ceremony date (and no longer than 18 months in advance).

But what happens if that doesn’t work for you? Is there any way you can get married quicker than one month? Yes, you can, and it’s called a Shortening of Time.

However, a Shortening of Time is not easily permitted and it’s not your celebrant’s decision to reduce the one month period, rather this decision is made by a prescribed authority, for example, the Births, Deaths and Marriage in the State or Territory where the wedding will be taking place.

What reasons will one be granted?

There are five circumstances where a prescribed authority may consider a shortening of time. These are:

  1. employment-related or other travel commitments
  2. wedding or celebration arrangements, or religious considerations
  3. medical reasons
  4. legal proceedings
  5. an error in giving notice

I believe I meet one of those reasons – how do I apply?

In Queensland, I can apply for Shortening of Time on your behalf with Births, Deaths and Marriages. Firstly I will need a completed and witnessed Notice of Intended Marriage. I will ask for you to provide me with your reasons for the request and any supporting documentation. I will then submit this with the Notice of Intended Marriage and the proposed date to QLD Births, Deaths and Marriages. There is a charge from QLD Births, Deaths and Marriage for this to be submitted.

Can you tell me if you think I’ll get it?

The decision of Shortening of Time is completely out of my hands. If you wish for me to put one forward, I can. I do not have any influence on the Prescribed Authority to accept or deny the request, but I am happy to discuss with you whether I think it is worth you applying or not.

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Brisbane celebrant Roxy Hotten discusses shortening of time