The Final Goodbye – Making a Hard Time Easier

Funerals, memorials, celebrations of life…

Funerals, memorials, celebrations of life, scattering of ashes, living memorials; however you would like to celebrate the end of a life, as a Celebrant who works in funerals, I can help you make a hard time just that little bit easier.

If you are looking for a Celebrant to help celebrate that person’s (or animal – I do pet funerals too) life in a way which is appropriate for them, and who is modern, friendly and professional, I can guide you through the process whilst remaining compassionate and understanding during this difficult time.

I’m happy to work with anyone planning a final goodbye, and am a calming presence during what can feel a confusing time.


I’ve worked in planning a variety of these celebrations and memorials, including:

  • Working with people given a terminal diagnosis who wish to plan their funeral before they are too ill to do so
  • Suitably recognising those who may not always have been the easiest or popular of individuals
  • Sensitively planning a suitable ceremony for those who have killed themselves or have died in difficult circumstances
  • Conducting memorials which focus on the positive impact the individual has on many lives
  • Small, intimate celebrations with only immediate family
  • Large funerals, acknowledging the impact the individual had on multiple lives
  • Funerals for babies, children or young people
  • Memorials for babies who have been miscarried or were stillborn

Where A celebration can take place

Most people first think of a funeral home when they think about a funeral. But, there are options, many which people aren’t aware. For example, I’ve delivered celebrations:

  • Sports Clubs
  • Pubs
  • Top of a mountain
  • On a beach
  • In a park
  • Crematorium
  • Within a home

Please feel free to give me a ring to discuss your needs.

Telephone 0478041227 or email or fill in contact form here.

Roxy Hotten, Celebrant

Funerals – a fresh approach to death

There’s a saying in the ‘biz’ when you conduct baby namings, weddings and funerals that you do ‘hatched, matched and dispatched’ ceremonies.

Since becoming a celebrant in Brisbane, I’ve been predominately concentrating on the matched, with some hatched.  And now I’m biting the bullet, giving up my day job and foraying into the world of funerals.

When I’ve told friends and family my plan, they have been very supportive, but I often hear them say; ‘Well, that’ll be less happy to do than the weddings.’  However, I don’t think so.

With the weddings I strive to give someone the very best experience of their life – celebrating among those who they love the most.  And with funerals, I want people to have a similar experience.  I want people to have a funeral which really celebrates them.  I want to deliver a funeral or memorial or tribute which is genuine and true and which helps their loved ones to smile and reminisce of this person who was a part of their life.  Yes, funerals are sad – it’s part of the grieving – but it’s okay to smile, laugh, groan as you remember the good times and the funny quirks to their personality.

I want to work with the grieving family or friends to produce a ceremony which feels genuine, real, fitting, honest, and helpful in the process of coming to terms with their death.

As much as I hope you’ll never have to use my services as a funeral celebrant, I also hope that if you do, the result will be a real celebration of your loved ones life, and as positive of an experience as possible.

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss this service further on 0478041227 or

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