The Humble Boast Blog Post

(Minus the ‘humble’ bit)

When I was a kid growing up, I had one ambition that I was never able to fulfil: to win a trophy.

My averageness at sports meant that a trophy remained unobtainable. I could play hockey, but flinched whenever the ball came hurtling towards me.  Yes, I was an okay swimmer but a Thorpedo I was not.  I could run long distance, but always came about 10th in cross country and there’s no prizes for tenth.  My shooting of goals in netball was above average, but there were others who could sink one in the hoop more frequently than me.

I’d go to friend’s houses and see cabinets filled with shiny silver and gold pieces of treasure and feel more than a little bit jealous. I would dream of one day holding onto such an accolade, and wistfully sigh, knowing it was not meant to be.

At the age I am now, I think it’s safe to say that I’m never going to find myself gaining a sporting skill which will result with a trophy.   However, if celebrancy was a sport, then recently I’ve felt like I’m at the Olympics.

Although 2020 has been rubbish in so many ways, it has also given me the treat of three recognitions which I am super proud to have received. Yes, this may be boasting, but I’m sorry… I’m just so blinkin’ excited about all of them, I just have to shout out about it!


Earlier in 2020, the Courier Mail, Brisbane’s local newspaper, asked for nominations for celebrants. The turn-around for nominations was quick, and I was only made aware of it when one of my couples let me know that they’d voted for me.

Two days later, the list of the top ten was announced, and there I was, at number seven. Me! Roxy Hotten!

The kindest thing was all the love I received from so many other celebrants, including Anna the Celebrant who sent me a tiara in the post to celebrate my win.

Brisbane Celebrant Courier Mail article


If you have ever read Hello May magazine or blog, you will know that it’s a feast for the eyes, with inspirational ideas that will really help you plan the wedding that you want.

To be named a top 15 celebrant in Australia (and the only one in QLD) felt like I’d won the bronze, silver and gold at the Celebrant Olympics. I’m still pinching myself that this happened…


ABIA hosts arguably the best known wedding industry awards in Australia. Somehow – and I’m not sure how – I was nominated by one or more of my couples. When I received information that I’d been nominated, I kind of dismissed it. It was lovely of the couple(s) to nominate me, but I was pretty sure that would be the end of it.

Fast-forward a few months later, I received an email to tell me that I had been chosen as a finalist. The awards themselves are on the 10th November at Victoria Park, and I ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhhed’ about whether to go.

I then received the most beautiful message via instagram from a fellow celebrant who has also been chosen as a finalist, Kate Mackie Celebrant. She reached out to me to say that she saw my name on the list of finalists. She wanted to know if I was going, and if I was, would I like to sit on the same table as her, Mary from Smile Darling Photography, and Berry Vintage (who, incidentally, I’ve worked with a lot and who are a top notch fabulous stylist company).

I was beyond touched that Kate reached out to me. After all, we’ve never actually met in real life, though I feel I know her as I follow her on social media and love her work. So I said yes. That’s correct, dear reader. I am going to the ball!

UPDATE: I ended up winning Running-Up! Such a thrill – thank you ABIA and all who voted for me.


Yes, I realise that the above is full on boasting. I also realise there are lots of fantastic celebrants out there who haven’t received any of these accolades. This in no way means they aren’t worthy. I’ve just been lucky that I’ve attracted certain attention.

Sadly, I’m still sans trophy, but I am carrying an imaginary one around with me. And finally (finally!) I’ve found something I’m truly good at in life that I love with all my heart. My moment on the podium is here, and I am savoring every single second of it.