What is the ‘Wedding Season’?

When you’re planning your wedding, you may see wedding vendors, suppliers or other couples mention the ‘wedding season’.

What does this really mean, and is this something you need to consider when planning your wedding?

What Is ‘Wedding Season’?

Basically, wedding season is the time of year when there is a higher number of weddings taking place. It varies in Australia, predominately dictated by weather.

In SEQ/Northern NSW, wedding season tends to be April, August, September and October, when the days a little longer, when mother nature gives us warm – but not exceedingly hot – days, and there’s less change of rain.

Photo: Wildflower Weddings

Will Wedding Season Impact My Planning?

If you are looking to hold your wedding during this time, there’s a couple of things which you should consider:

  • Suppliers will get booked further in advance, especially for Saturdays. If you have your heart set on a particular venue, photographer or celebrant, get in quick.
  • Some suppliers will charge more for the popular months and dates. I, personally, don’t charge any more for a wedding during wedding season, but I do know other suppliers who do. You can read about my fees here.
  • You’ll often find that many suppliers will be less communicative during wedding season. It can take longer to respond than usual, especially for sole traders whose business requires them to spend hours away from their emails such as stylists, planners and photographers.

Should I Hold My Wedding During This Time?

There’s many good reasons why the wedding season is popular. If you’re looking for an outdoor wedding, then holding it in April or September, October, even November, can be much cooler than holding it in December, January, February.

However, you can still hold your ceremony on the ‘off-season’ and have a perfect wedding. You just need to be that little bit more prepared. If it’s hot, then read these tips on how to cool your wedding down. Or why not look for venues that have air-conditioning. There’s many which have beautiful indoor options, taking away any concerns about rain or heat.

And Finally…

My view is always ‘It’s your wedding – do it your way’. So if you have your heart set on a date, go for it! And I’m always happy to chat to you about this further.

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