Questions to ask a Celebrant

Celebrant Questions

You may be at the point of planning your wedding and meeting up with a Celebrant or two, and asking yourself: ‘What questions should I ask a Celebrant?’

Celebrants are as different as can be. We all work in very different ways, and consequently the way we work may not resonate with you. Below are some questions which will help you in the choosing of your Celebrant, and I’ve included my answers in blue.


I meet with couples, with the majority over a coffee or a glass of wine. However, some cannot do this as they’re interstate, overseas, or just really busy. In these cases, I’ll do a Zoom. However, with my Legals Only ceremony, there’s no need to meet up, and this can be all done via email or on the phone.

Will I see a draft of my ceremony?

Some Celebrants write their ceremony in advance and send in its entirety to you, with the option to edit. Some will write the ceremony the day before and leave it a surprise for you.

I send a ceremony draft to couples at least one month before their ceremony date. It has an outline structure of the ceremony, and couples decide whether they’d like to see the ‘Your Story’ element in its entirety.

DO you include a rehearsal?

All marriage Celebrants are required to provide a rehearsal if requested by the couple. Some Celebrants will charge extra for this, and some will include it in their package. Some will only offer to do this at their home, others are happy to travel to the wedding venue.

A rehearsal is included in my fee for the Full Works ceremony anywhere within 40kms of Brisbane CBD. For any rehearsal which is further travel, a fee will be applied.

what happens if you can’t do my ceremony

Check to see what your Celebrants back-up plan is and what process they use to find a new Celebrant for you.

I will help you find a replacement Celebrant if, for any reason, I can’t conduct your ceremony. I belong to The Celebrant Society whom I can call upon if I get stuck at all. We all help each other out during times of illness or for any other reasons. I also have a group of close Celebrant friends with their numbers on speed-dial if I ever need their help.

When are payments due?

Let’s face it… weddings are expensive! My usual payment is half when booking, with the remainder due one month before the ceremony date. However, I have come up with various payment plans for those who have request this.

Will you play my music during the ceremony or do I need to nominate a guest to do this?

I ask my couples what music they’d like during the ceremony, then download onto my phone, which I bluetooth through my Bose S1 PRO P.A. system. I handle all the music, unless you’d prefer for someone else to do it. This way all your guests can relax!

DO you conduct more than one ceremony in one day?

It’s not often I’ll conduct more than one ceremony in one day, but if I do, it will be only if it makes absolute sense logistically, and allows time in between ceremonies for any delays. I’ll also inform all parties that there is another ceremony that day when they enquire, just so they’re aware there’s a time constraint.

Please feel free to let me know if there’s any questions you’d like answered. You can contact me at or on 0478041227.