2020 – The Year That Was

The Good

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m an optimist, a bright-side, glass half full kinda gal. So, yes, it goes without saying that 2020 was not the year we wanted it to be. However, some good stuff did still happen, and I’d like to share some of these stories with you. Cos, let’s face it, after this year, we all need some positivity in our life.


So many couples had booked to marry in 2020, and so many of them had to postpone or change their plans. There were some though that still did go ahead in 2020, whether it was a wedding of only five or those who managed to do it before or after COVID restrictions.

Once restrictions started lifting in 2020, weddings definitely felt different. There was even more a reason to celebrate when the moment did happen, and the smiles on couples’ faces felt even wider than usual. Something good was finally happening.

I do realise how lucky we have been in Australia, and especially here in Queensland. I cannot wait until my colleagues in other places can begin experiencing this with their couples soon too.

A Selection of 2020 Weddings

My Fitness

I, like many others, spent the early days of COVID lockdown freaking the hell out. With this freaking the hell out came some ‘coping’ mechanisms:

  • Drinking the contents of my cocktails cabinet
  • Eating the contents of my fridge
  • Eating the contents of my freezer
  • Eating the contents of my pantry
  • Lying on the sofa watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race, 90 Day Fiancee, Real Housewives of Any City, and any other rubbish on repeat

Unsurprisingly, I put on weight. Even with walking friends’ dogs regularly, the pounds crept on and I felt terrible.

So I decided to do something about it. I’m still early on in my journey, but I’ve been going to the gym three to five days a week since August, and have dieted since October. The weight is coming off – slowly – but I feel stronger and fitter than I have for a long time.

Thanks to the team at Institute of Physical Culture who have been helping me with my journey.


For years I’ve thought about teaching. However, I love my celebrancy too much to give it up. So, I decided to combine the two, and am currently undertaking studying in Certificate IV in Training and Assessment with the hope that eventually I can train other celebrants.

I’ve also set up my own mentoring scheme for new celebrants, and have already worked with a number to help them with their career.


Friendships grew even deeper with the The Marrying Kind girls. Our business is growing, and we started to receive world-wide recognitions, and spoke at the international celebrant conference, Celebrantopia 2020. Together, we’ve supported each other through 2020, and I know our business will grow even better, and so will our friendship.

Here’s To 2021

Here’s to hoping that 2021 is going to be a truly fabulous year. Thank you to all who supported me in 2020. And, if I can think about things without my Pollyanna perspective for a moment… here’s to never having a year like 2020 ever again!