Renewal of Vows

When you want to say ‘I still love you’

Renewal of Vows – whether it’s one year, ten years, fifty years or whether it’s just because you want to, a renewal of vows can be a meaningful moment.

Renewal of Vows can be very similar to one of my Full Works or Simple, Short Yet Sweet ceremonies. Whatever you choose, it can include readings, personalised vows, ring exchange, sing-alongs… in fact, it can include everything you want!

I’ve conducted renewal of vows for couples who never had the opportunity to have the wedding they wanted, or for those who want to recreate the magical moment of all that time ago.  I had one couple who wanted to renew their vows with their children in order for them to be included in their commitment to them as a family.

Whatever it is you want, I’m happy to discuss ideas with you to help create a truly meaningful ceremony which really celebrates your relationship.  

Read some of the lovely things said by lovely people whose weddings and renewal of vows I’ve conducted here.

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