Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment ceremonies, same sex marriage, partnership promise; call it what you will, until Australia has Marriage Equality, I, as a celebrant, unfortunately am unable to offer a legal marriage ceremony but I can offer a meaningful alternative.

Having worked in England as a celebrant from 2011 to 2015, I conducted many beautiful and meaningful civil partnership ceremonies for the LGBT+ community.  When the law changed in 2013 I was able to conduct ceremonies for all, regardless of their sexuality or gender. I hope very much that Australia has this same equality for all in the near future and I proactively advocate for a change in our law.

You can read my thoughts on why I support Marriage Equality here.

Until that time, I am able to offer meaningful ceremonies for those who wish to celebrate their relationship and offer each other a commitment, similar to that of a wedding ceremony.

I offer the same packages as the Simple, Short and Sweet, and The Full Works, with a discount due to the fact that I do not produce the legal paperwork.

Please feel free to contact me about Commitment Ceremonies – happy to answer any questions you may have – at or on 0478 041227.

Roxy Hotten Celebrant

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