Surprise Weddings

Who doesn’t like a surprise?  Well, actually, lots of people I guess, especially if it’s a bad surprise.  But surprise weddings?  I, personally, love ’em!

In Australia you cannot surprise your partner with a wedding, as you both need to give at least one months notice (see ‘Notice of Intended Marriage‘ page for more details about this process).  However, you can surprise your family and friends, and, I can help.

I did one recently where the bride was celebrating her 30th birthday with a garden party.  I arrived about an hour before the reveal, and mingled with the guests.  The bride and I had come up with a back-story; I was a colleague from work who happened to live only a couple of streets away and therefore she had casually invited me to drop in.  I had hidden my Marriage Register and other paperwork on arrival, and started chatting to the guests, calling upon my High School Speech and Drama skills to the maximum.

When it came to cutting the 30th birthday cake, the bride made a speech as to how important it was to have those she loved most around her, then she took the ’30’ cake topper and replaced it with a ‘Mr and Mrs’ cake topper.  Some guests understood straight away, some were confused.  She then said ‘Roxy can you come and explain what’s going on?’ and with that I stepped up and announced that I didn’t work in marketing with the bride, I was actually a Commonwealth Registered Celebrant, and I was here to marry the birthday girl and her partner.  There was a big roar of laughter and noise, with the bride’s Uncle pointing at me shouting (through tears of laughter) ‘You LIED to me Roxy!  You LIED!!’

Surprise Weddings

It was a wonderful surprise, and working with the couple to organise it was so much fun.

If you’d like to pull off your own surprise wedding, and need a celebrant who will really go with the plan, then please either email me at or call me on 0478 041227.

Roxy Hotten Celebrant