Wedding Planning Wisdom Twenty-One to Twenty-Four

TWENTY-ONE: Smell the Flowers

Whether your flower budget is modest or you’re looking for a forest of flowers you may want to consider the following:

💐Are there any varieties you’d like included which have meaning such as the favourite flower of a significant relative or a type which grew in the garden where they lived

💐Bouquets can be heavy. If you’re planning on holding it throughout the ceremony, consider the weight. Or rather than asking a bridal party member to hold it, place it on the signing table during the ceremony

💐Flowers with a scent can provide an extra sensory element to your ceremony

💐Some flowers are more practical than others. Certain varieties may not be available or will wilt as soon as they spend a minute outside on a summer’s day

💐If you’re looking to cut costs, don’t do your flowers yourself on your wedding day, rather delegate this to a friend or family member. You won’t have time nor the inclination to do this on the day… trust me!

💐 A wedding florist can help you to design something visually stunning that will work on a practical level. There’s some incredibly talented florists out there and I’ve been fortunate to work with some greats. If you’re struggling to find one, ask your photographer, Celebrant or venue who we recommend. We see the end results of all their hard work so can help to give you some names

TWENTY-TWO: Calming the Nerves

You never entirely know how you are going to feel on your wedding day but it’s not unusual to have a nervous moment or two.

Try to combat any nerves by doing the following:

🔔 You don’t need a rehearsal but consider whether this will help you with your nerves

🔔 Try not to do any venue set-up yourself on the day. Delegate to friends or family if need be

🔔 If you know you’re going to be very nervous, consider an early start time so you’re not waiting all day

🔔 Maybe certain people are guaranteed to set you off, minimise the time you spend with them during preparations or ask a confidante if they can help keep them distracted

🔔 Use calming and relaxation techniques and make sure you factor time in for these

🔔 Feel free to ask questions to your vendors that will help you feel reassured about everything if you’re feeling a bit stressed. I’d prefer for a couple to ask me a million questions and feel calm than not ask and feel stressed

🔔 And finally, focus on the main goal, which is to finish the day married. Don’t sweat the small stuff. 

TWENTY-THREE: Mum’s the Word

I don’t know if you agree with me, but sometimes mum’s don’t seem to get much of a look in during the wedding ceremony. And for some, that’s fine; they’re happy to take a back seat. But, if you’d like to include them, here’s some ideas to make them feel special during your ceremony:
👩 Walk them down the aisle so they are the last to be seated (like Layne did in the photo below)

👩 Ask them to do a reading (and why not get them to choose it themselves!?)

👩 Have them as your witnesses. Mum’s love doing this, and it means their signature will be on your marriage certificate

👩 Get them to be the ring-bearers and bring them up to you and your partner

Photo: This is Life Photography

TWENTY-FOUR: I Now Pronounce You…

It’s worth discussing how you like to be announced after you’ve had your kiss (or shot of tequila, handshake, fist pump, high five…).

Before you trot down the aisle, would you’d like to be announced as Mr/Mrs, Mr/Mr, Mrs/Mrs, first names, nicknames, or something else completely?


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